Traditional Italian Cooking

Listen to the story as you read along. Then, read the post and learn more about the origins of Carbonara and discuss other “traditional” cooking.

Paolo Campanella seems to think that American influence was responsible for the creation of Carbonara, but other Italian chefs think this explanation is the least likely among various origin stories. Food historian Jeremy Parzen, in Carbonara, a new theory for its origins and name, proposes that the name came from one of the ingredients that was added most recently to the dish: cured, smoked pork.

While I have no solid evidence of this, my philological intuition leads me to believe that the innovation of carbonara was the inclusion of cured pork.

To my knowledge, no gastronomer has made the connection between carbonara and carbonata, a term widely used in Renaissance Italy to denote a type of salt-cured and smoked pork.

While they are now considered Japanese dishes, there are many “traditional” foods that originated in other countries. Tempura came from Portugal, ramen probably came from China, and curry was introduced to Japan from India via British embassies in the Meiji Era. The spread of Japanese food has been undergoing a boom in the last couple of decades, spurred in part by the popularity of shows like Iron Chef, though many transformed items like California rolls might be served alongside more traditional forms.

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